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Despicable Me 3: Main and secondary characters rigs 


Sing: Secondary characters rig

La Cuisine de Petit Pierre: Co-author of this cooking tv progam.
Ask for the teaser
Minions: Secondary, tertiary, animals and minions pig rig

Osons la France: rooster rigging 

MMK, Chemin de Damas: Character and tree rigs
Alphablocks: Props and animals 2d rigs


Johnny Walker, Change the game (Bruce Lee):I have done the realistic facial rigging.

Guinness, Fireflys:One shot spot ! with a lot of fireflys...  did the rig.

Guinness, The Cloud:
I had to build a seagull rig for two shots, the seagulls was only flying so I made the modelling in flying position and I used this position for bind pose and win a lot of times !

Sainsbury's, Paralympic's:
I made a fake leg rig for a paralympics runner.

Small team, just 3 ! I loved this project because I had the possibilities to choose the way to fold and unfold and apply my rig for this way.
I also did the modelling for the propellers and the engine.

Nike Football, my time is now:
A huge project, I was in charge to create all the variation possibilities for the crowd.
I made a scripts base on blend shapes to create all the possibilities for cloths based on 4 races (African, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic) and 2 genders.

Car Rig:
We have a lot of jobs with cars, and I developed a resizable car rig with a lot of animation possibilities.

Nike Fuel:
One of most interesting project at The Mill.
I had to create a rig for the meter. And I had to anticipate all the rise and shape modifications from the clients to win a lot of time.

Burger King Test:
Burger King asked an animation test with a lizard dragon rapping and dancing !
The challenge for this project was the dead line, it was just a test for the client and I had just 4 days to do it.

Volvo Y555:
I had to do a car rig and after I gave a hand for the anim layout and the car animation

Rainbow 6, Patriots:
My first job at The Mill and as a rigger.
I worked on facial rig.

John Carter:
A big project at Dneg ! With a lot of CG animations shots, I was a part of a team who was in charge to fix animations scenes, animation rig and tools.
It was an amazing experience to work on this big project and learn a lot of new stuff from talented co workers.

Captain America:
My first job in the CG industry. I work during one month as Assistant Technical Director, I helped on the pipe to create some scripts for lighters and fx guys.

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